Three Loves

We are children,
So innocent in this world,
And you mean the world to me.
In this world,
Made only for we two,
I know the joy of love.
You shine like the sun,
As your lips are near mine,
I know the duality of sexuality
Without knowing anything
Of worldly concepts.
Then you are gone,
Like a brief wind.
I am so weak and powerless,
And I don’t know where to find you.

I have known you for a lifetime,
But now I meet you for the first time.
Yours is the song of freedom;
Yours are the restless feet
That lust to wander.
A life fulfilled,
You love me for who I am,
As I live every moment for solicitors.
Under the stars,
You pour your freedom on me,
And I feel the desire that burns within.
Then your strength falters,
Time claims another victim,
And I am so weak and powerless,
As you pass like a melody
That can not be sustained.

Skulking in the shadows,
You hide with me.
We can talk without showing our faces
Huddled around the burning embers
Of the light we seek to extinguish.
We can share this warmth
While the cold rages in our hearts.
But, I feel a spark,
And I don’t want to lose it.
We can still be free.
If we would just choose it.
I can still love,
If you could only feel it.
Then you are gone,
As I have always known it.
Come loss and fear, and be friendly.
Come love and freedom, and be known.
I am not so weak and powerless,
And my soul loves you.
There is a place I must go…

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